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Our Data Center

Our Data Center

Located in the center of beautiful Canada our Data Center houses high performance servers. We offer our clients only the best by choosing only the highest quality hardware available. Our Data Center is also equipped with the latest in data storage technology and employs the newest data redundancy methods to ensure all our clients data is safe and secure.

We employ many different technologies to ensure you can rely on Sector Host:


Our servers employ Inifiniband a leading edge technology that allows for both scalability and high performance. This technology is key in our mission to providing our customers with the fastest and most stable hosting availble.

Redundant Backup

We perform daily and weekly backups to ensure data retention, in addition our Servers employ Raid-10 technology to ensure real-time data backup meaning if one hard drive fails there is no data loss or interruption of service. In addition all our back-ups are stored off-site. Simply put, your data is safe with Sector host.

Scaleable Systems

Our servers are scaleable, which means as demand for our services grows, we are able to add resources with zero down time. This allows us to offer 99.99% server uptime while meeting the increasing demands of our customers.


Our servers and offsite data storage centres are housed in completely secured locations. Our centres are manned and monitored 24/7, another key component in ensuring your data is safe.

Backup Power

All of our systems are powered by redundant power supplies and backed up by N+1 UPS Technology. In the event of a power-outage, our servers stay running. This is key in providing 99.99% server uptime.