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Domain FAQ's :

Domain Promotion Rules :
Our promotion is subject to the following terms and coniditions:
  1. FREE domain applies to domains ending with .com .net .org .biz .info .name .us. Click here to see all domain pricing
  2. Requires signing up for Hosting or VPS Annually
  3. Domain needs to be registered or transfered over to Sector Host.
  4. If you have a domain with another Registrar and you would like to move it to Sector Host, your transfer price would be FREE with a Hosting package for a 1 year term.
  5. Limit of one Domain Per Hosting Package.
  6. This promotion is a limited time offer and subject to end at any time.
What if i already have a domain and i would like to signup for a Year of hosting?
Anyone that signs up for a year of hosting with there domain registred with other registrar will recieve 1 month of free hosting on the package they selected.
I cannot manage my newly registered .CA domain, and it is not resolving. What's wrong?
When .CA domains are initially registered, CIRA sends an approval email to the registrant email contact. The domain registration is not complete until the registrant approves it via this email.

While in this "pending-approval" status, the domain will not resolve or otherwise function. The domain will appear within your account, but you will not be able to fully manage it, especially at the registry level, until approved.

The registrant has 7 days to approve the registration, otherwise the registration is terminated. If the registrant needs this approval email re-sent, please open a support ticket.