July 1, 2010 Sector Host is proud to announce that we are offering Virtual Private Server(VPS) services.
We have been testing VPS's for months now and finally ready to offer this amazing service to our clients.
June 11, 2010 DNS Update
Updated all clients DNS records for faster response & also updated SPF records to further protecting domains from Forgery of e-mails.
September 18, 2009 Sector Host Site Update
Sector Host site is undergoing a site wide update with New Features & Services. Client's site/services will NOT be affected. Stay tuned... ;)
September 11, 2009 CISCO Router Maintenance upgrade scheduled for Sunday September 27, 2009
On Sunday September 27, 2009 between 1:00AM(CST) to 3:59AM(CST) we are upgrading our Cisco Router IOS Software to newer version. Outage: 1(hrs) and 30(mins).

If you have any comments or concerns please Contact Us. Thank you.
June 16, 2009Maintenance upgrade scheduled for Monday July 20, 2009
We are upgrading our Fiber Optics Connection on Monday July the 20th, 2009 there will be downtime for 1-30min at the most. We will try and keep the downtime to minimum as possible.

This upgrade will benefit our clients with Faster Speed.

If you have any comments or concerns please Contact Us. Thank you.
June 1, 2009Regina Extreme Home Makeover
1st Annual Regina Extreme Home Makeover is organized to help give local family most in need a miracle. Sector Host is a proud sponsor of this great event.

Please visit the site to read more about it and to show your support.

April 26, 2009Sector Host sponsoring r. event
Sector Host was proud to sponsor of r. Regina's only the BEST, Lan Gaming event. We also participated in this even under "Sector Squad". This even was 24hr (all-nighter) with lots of people ranging from young to old. We had lots of fun and will definitely sponsor and attend this event again.

Please visit for r. official website