What is SSL?
SSL or secure socket layer is an authentication and encryption technology used to protect sensitive information being transfered between a website and a broswer.
Why would I need SSL?
An SSL certificate offers the most secure and reliable way to encrypt important data such as credit card numbers, customer, login and other sensitive information.
What's required to use SSL?
All you need to set up is a dedicated IP address and an SSL subscription. Once set up, SSL will function automatically and your users will not need to do anything on their side for SSL to work.
What level of encryption does SSL support?
SSL supports a maximum encryption rate of up to 256 bits.
How does SSL work?
Users browsing the site will be sent a certificate which is encrypted and used to authenticate that user. Users will have a visible indication of this connection with a lock or otherwise easily identifiable icon on their browser.
I'm only running a personal site, can I still use SSL?
Absolutely, SSL certificates are available to anyone wishing to encrypt and protect their data.